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Home owners and business owners sometimes overlook an aging roof until the damage has been done. A leak can damage the internal support system as well as the interior of your home and furnishings.

Most people are unaware that an asphalt roof does not age evenly; deterioration is most rapid at the very beginning and end of a roof’s life.

Customer Service and Professionalism

You will be pleasantly surprised at how efficiently and quickly your new roof will be installed and the clean-up done to our strict specifications. We have some customers tell us the work areas are cleaner than when the work was started!

Flat / Low Slope Roofing

Aqua Shield Roofing & Construction offers flat roof installations and restorations for commercial and residential customers. We provide high quality work with affordable pricing.

Every seam and crack is sealed with fiber reinforced polyurethane mastic around any vents, ducts, and flashing.

If your commercial or residential flat roof requires roof repair in numerous places on the surface, it may make sense to apply the cost of that work to the very reasonable expense of a complete roof coating. We have developed the expertise at installing waterproof roof coatings that restore commercial and residential roofs, putting an end to flat roof repair nightmares.

Many modern roof coatings are white, which makes them reflective. When the heat of the sun hits the surface, it is bounced away rather than soaked up as dark materials do. Contact us for products, systems, and pricing.

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